Presenting Portrait to Ivan Bekjarev

Speaking at Serbian actor Ivan Bekjarev’s jubilee event “Ivan Bekjarev, 50 Years of Acting,” a celebration of Bekjarev’s career in film, television and theater.  A portrait of Bekjarev, commissioned by the actor, was featured as part of an exhibition marking the occasion.  Read more here (in Serbian).

Meeting the Presidents of Macedonia and Serbia

Meeting Macedonian President Gjorgi Ivanov and Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic as a guest in President Nikolic’s residence during President Ivanov’s visit to Serbia. Photo courtesy of the cabinet of President Gjorgi Ivanov

Group Exhibition: Konak Kneginje Ljubice

The Society of Macedonian Artists in Serbia opened an exhibition in the haunting underground space of the Residence of Princess Ljubica (Konak Kneginje Ljubice) in Belgrade.  Click here to watch a report on the event (in Macedonian).