Solo Exhibition: Novi Sad

Solo exhibition at the Cultural Center of Vojvodina Milos Crnjanski in Novi Sad, Serbia, for the Days of Macedonian Culture in Novi Sad


2019 World Prize for Youth Humanism

Honored to have my sculpture represent the 2019 World Prize for Youth Humanism, presented to Dr. Cédric Patrick Le Grand Ouanekponé of Central Africa by Cercle National de Réflexion sur la Jeunesse (CNJR).

Solo Exhibition: Cultural Center Vršac

Solo exhibition at the Cultural Center in Vršac, Serbia, during Vršac Days of Macedonian Culture

Solo Exhibition: Accademia del Lusso

Celebrating the start of the 2013 academic year at Accademia del Lusso, together with designers Danijela Božić, Marija Ignjatović, Tamara Dragić and Zorana Jovanović.

Solo Exhibition: Progres Gallery

Collection of sculptures created over the last four years in Belgrade was featured in a solo exhibition at Progres Gallery in the heart of the city’s famous Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone.  The exhibition featured pieces inspired by his experiences in the Serbian capital, from the universal (the overpowering wind that consumes the city in winter, “Koshava,” inspired the sculpture of the same name) to the personal (“Year of the Horse,” referring to the Chinese zodiac, was inspired by daughter Lena’s birth in 2014).  The exhibition opened with remarks by Dimitrije Chudov, the first president of the Society of Macedonian Artists in Belgrade, and Vera Jovanovska-Tipko, Ambassador of Macedonia to Serbia.  Wonderful photographs of the exhibition taken by Milan Kralj can be seen here.

Presenting Portrait to Ivan Bekjarev

Speaking at Serbian actor Ivan Bekjarev’s jubilee event “Ivan Bekjarev, 50 Years of Acting,” a celebration of Bekjarev’s career in film, television and theater.  A portrait of Bekjarev, commissioned by the actor, was featured as part of an exhibition marking the occasion.  Read more here (in Serbian).